Other Member Benefits
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Member Benefits

Night Depository (24/7)

Members of METRO Federal Credit Union aren’t limited to banking hours when it comes to making deposits. If you are close to office, you can use the Night Deposit drop box after hours, on weekends and holidays. When you’re pressed for time, take advantage of this around-the-clock convenience when making deposits to your accounts.  Its located in drive-thru lane one.

Nnpotary Services

A Notary Public is an impartial, state-licensed, and legal witness to the signing of a document. They acknowledge this signing with their own signature and notary seal.

METRO Federal Credit Union offers free notary services to its members. In order to have a document notarized, members must present a valid photo ID and sign the document in the presence of the notary.

Coin Counting

As a member of METRO Federal Credit Union, you can use our coin counting machine to count your loose change! Simply bring your {clean} coins to one of our Account Coordinators and they will be happy to process the coins for you. Once the machine is finished counting the coins, a receipt is generated for the total coin deposit.

* Loose coin in excess of $25 will be counted at the end of the business day.  1% coin counting fee may be applied.