Loan Pre-Approvals
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You’re Pre-Approved

pre-approYou’ve been pre-approved by METRO for an auto loan up to $99,999.  Buying a car is a big purchase and we know that you care about finding the best financing.  By choosing Metro, you’ll know exactly what you can afford and you’ll avoid dealership’s high-pressure tactics. Better yet, there’s no rush because your pre-approval is good for 90 days from the date of your application. Pre-approval makes shopping easy!  For used car values and loan questions, please contact the loan department at (847)670-0459.

Auto Loan Rates

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Car Buying Assistance:
Enterprise Car Sales
How to buy a car?

What to Do When You Find Your Vehicle:

Dealership Purchase
Provide METRO with the Bill of Sale.
The dealership can fax a copy to (847)670-0401.
Private Party Purchase –
Proved METRO with a copy of the clear title.  If the vehicle is financed at another institution, have the seller’s bank supply a Payoff Letter to METRO.  The Bank can fax a copy to (847)670-0401.
No matter where you purchase your next vehicle, METRO is here to help.  Need a trade-in value for your current car?  Ask us!  Whether it’s new or used, Metro has the tools to help you find the best deal for your wallet.

We’ve also teamed up with and Enterprise Car Sales to maximize your car buying experience!

• Check recent cash back incentives
• Build and price your new auto
• Print a certificate for reduced pricing on new vehicles
• Enjoy  personalized dealer contact
• Visit for more info
• No haggle pricing
• Certified used vehicles
• Manufacturer’s warranty
• Contact:
Victoria Carter