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The following disclosures explain the terms and conditions associated with your METRO Federal Credit Union accounts. You received these agreements upon opening your accounts with the credit union, but for your easy reference we have provided current copies here in PDF format.
For more information, please contact a Member Services Representative at 847-670-0456.
Inactive Accounts
Inactive accounts, for the purpose of this policy, are those accounts that have had no activity for at least 36 months. When an account is listed in this category, metro will notify the member that this account has been classified as inactive.Effective three months after the member has been notified, if the member has not activated the account by making a deposit, withdrawal, or by closing the account, the account will be accessed a $5.00 per month inactive fee until all the funds have been withdrawn.The withdrawal of the $5.00 per month fee shall not constitute member activity in the account. if you have any questions regarding your account, contact member services at (847)670-0456.